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  For an enterprise, factories and equipment are its bones providing energy, while corporate culture is its spiritual power showing the company’s appearance. Technology can strengthen bones, while culture can nurture spiritual power. In terms of development, Yu Guangyuan, an economist, said: “The third-rate enterprises rely on production; the second-rate marketing; the first-rate culture.” Greatoo always regards its corporate culture as an important recourse advantage. In its process of development, Greatoo has gradually formed its individual management idea that “Humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is more important than individual value; social value is more important than corporate culture; customers’ value is more important than profit value” and relevant corporate culture. The company takes the responsibility for customers, shareholders, society and the whole country; the country is also responsible for products, each procedures of the production, each worker and workers’ family members. What the company pursues is the mutual development of society, customers, enterprises, shareholders and workers. The company has set up various cultural activities for workers to show their talents and self-value, which strengthens the communication and interaction between workers and the company, cultivating teamwork and improving the cooperation between workers. The standards of “high starting point, high grade and high profits” and the core idea of “higher, faster, stronger and better” motivate each workers and  infiltrate the management of the company, which allows each worker to develop their ability in the development process of the company and the company to fully show its potential, always driving the development of the company. Greatoo’s corporate culture includes common values, determination of starting business, awareness of competition, teamwork and brand building, which is fully shown in the company’s material culture, behaviour culture, system culture and spiritual culture.

The system of the enterprise culture including the enterprise system, leading system, rules and regulations, organization, etc., it is a mandatory culture. "No rules, how bluewind." The state-owned national law, Have house rules,  also an enterprise to rules-based, especially as a listed company, as a leading industry of modern enterprise, we should form distinctive corporate culture, establish and improve the enterprise management system. 



Management Operating System Management guide consist of 9 parts: 


> Company’s guildeline and formation
> Basic system of the company
> Systems and procedures of departments, workshop sections and workpieces

         > Criteria of assessment of workers’duty  (vocational skills)
         > Performance appraisal system of workers
         > Regulation of safety production

> Lean management and safety production 
> The management of salary system
> Guildelines of construction projects 


Appraisal of outstanding employees each year

In order to carry forward the company’s corporate spirit, encourage workers, promote workers’ independent consciousness and passion, Greatoo formulates the criteria of assessment appraising and encouraging excellent workers so as to combine workers’ achievements and the company’s development.

Science and Technology Progress Award of the company

In order to encourage technicians to participate in research activities and motivate creativity, the company formulates the regulations of the Science and Technology Progress Award so as to encourage workers to participate in the production and operating activities and scientific and technological activities.


Create harmonious labor-capital relationship

A modern enterprise must set up an effective mechanism of innovation to maintain its vitality. And harmonious labor-capital relationship is the guarantee of this mechanism. Therefore, the company takes the following actions.

1. Set up a reasonable, normative and complete salary system to fundamentally ensure workers’ rewards and get rid of the traditional way to pay workers’ salary which is determined by a boss and a leader. Meanwhile, “assessment committee of salary and professional skills” directly attached to the board is established to ensure that the salary system is effectively executed in an equal, just and open situation.

2. Sign a labor contract with each worker. The company follows relevant rules and regulations about labor and sign a labor contract with each worker to protect workers rights and interests of labor. All labor contracts are authenticated by local Labor Bureau. The company haven’t had a labor dispute for 10 years.

3. Buy social insurance for workers in time. Currently, the company has over 1,300 workers, with over 1, 000 workers having social insurance and over 200 not having social insurance. The company is buying social insurance for graduates the company employed this September in batches in order to realize the goal of buying social insurance for all employees.
4. Buy occupational injury insurance for workers and deal with occupational injuries and claims for compensation in time to protect workers’ benefits.

Other organizations

1. Party branch
The company established the Party branch in 2003 to carry out the Party’s policies, keep pace with the Party and the society, which allows the advanced ideas of the Party to fully infiltrate the company’s corporate culture. The Party branch regularly organizes activities for the members of the Party to exchange ideas, actively participates in education activities to maintain “advanced”, attracts new members and enlarges the Party branch.

2. Labor union
The Labor Union represents workers’ benefits, protects and seizes benefits for workers. On special days, the Labor Union will organize recreational and sports activities and show warmhearted care for workers from other province, which shows workers the warmth of a big family.

3.Support center staff
Employees are the wealth of the enterprise, is the enterprise prosperous; For the bridge of the board of directors of the company with the staff communication, timely understanding of employees' real feelings, also let staff deeply involved in the production and business operation activities of the company in all aspects to promote the harmonious development of the company. On September 18, 2008 staff committee unveiled the plaque was established, and through the staff committee charter, the democratically elected chair 1, 2, vice chairman and committee member 12.
4. College staff association
With more and more graduates, the college staff has become the main force of Greatoo, implementing the company’s business strategy, uniting all college staff, motivating other workers making efforts to realize the company’s goals of production and management. The College Staff Association can not only strengthen the communication among college staff, maintain staff’s loyalty to the company, but also fully motivate university students to make more contributions in production, technology, management and scientific innovation and create a new situation of the college staff where college students have more communication and cooperation, love each other and take joint efforts to make more achievements. Now, the College Staff Association has become an important organization in the construction of the company’s corporate culture. The association sets up 1. Basketball team, 2. Table tennis association, 3. Badminton association, 4. Football association, 5. Chess and card association, 6, Tennis association, 7. Art society

5. The Editorial Department of Greatoo News
The Editorial Department of Greatoo News was authorized to establish by the company, with main leaders of the company as chief leaders and workers from all departments who have strong understanding ability, sharp observation ability and proficient writing skills. There are special workers collecting and editing materials, proofreading, composing, writing, modifying, examining and issuing articles for the newspaper. Greatoo News started monthly publication from May 2003. With the support of the company’s leaders and efforts of the whole staff in the Editorial Department, Greatoo News persists in its idea to run the newspaper that “the newspaper should be guided by public opinions, the newspaper is run by the whole company and every worker participates in the newspaper.” The company persists in maintaining the diversity and freshness of news, trying to make Greatoo News become lively and popular.